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Interim Financial HelpWhat do you do when you are suddenly without your CFO or Controller?

You don’t need to forgo essential everyday operations or make hasty hiring decisions. We are poised to quickly step in to become your interim CFO or interim Controller and meld into your corporate culture while providing the solid, steady financial expertise you can’t afford to go without for even a short duration.

Unlike a conventional staffing firm which acts as an agency and contracts with a person they interviewed, Sutker Moran's “Team Approach” takes out the uncertainty of the quality of the individual you will receive and matches you with an established firm member who will have the vast financial expertise, experience, and support of Sutker Moran behind them.

Case Study: A Critical Fix results in a CEO’s Confidence and a Permanent Solution

$20 Million Multi-Entity Healthcare-related business

Business Overview

The CEO of a $20 million multi-entity healthcare-related business terminated his less than competent CFO and needed interim help.


Sutker Moran quickly stepped in and immediately identified various issues including unreported financials for six months, significant IRS problems, a deteriorating banking relationship, as well as gross accounting department inefficiencies.

Sutker Moran painstakingly went through the process of remedying each of these issues culminating in preparing timely and accurate monthly financials, restoring the banking relationship, restructuring the accounting department personnel, and completing a successful CPA review of the year-end financial statements.

Having earned the CEO’s confidence, the Company hired Sutker Moran to be the permanent CFO and play an integral role as the Company seeks to execute its growth-oriented business plan.

Case Study: Overcoming the Lack of Documentation

$150 Million Auto Part Manufacturer


The Plant Controller for a global auto parts manufacturer gave notice. Given their long-standing tenure at this position, this position’s tasks were not well documented and nobody else in the organization knew how to perform them. Furthermore, corporate headquarters required a quick quarter-end hard close, which was fast approaching.


Once hired, Sutker Moran immediately instituted its well-vetted onboarding process to capture and document all the tasks performed by the outgoing controller. To complete the quarter-end financials on-time, Sutker put in extraordinary time to learn the functionality of the position which included learning two intricate ERP systems as well as understanding complex intercompany, multi-currency transaction entries. Sutker Moran successfully transitioned the now-documented role to a W2 Controller once this position was permanently filled.

Case Study: Two-Weeks Notice at Christmas time causes Company to Scramble


With the holiday break right around the corner, the controller for a $15 million SAAS Consulting Firm gave his two-week notice. Given the season, the owners were very concerned they wouldn’t be able to find somebody to learn and replace the controller’s position before he left.


Ownership called Sutker Moran and they were there the next day.

Sutker Moran implemented its well-vetted process utilizing one of their consultants who is well-trained in financial management and efficient onboarding. Given ownership’s confidence in Sutker Moran, the Company took a methodical approach in finding the right W2 to hire, rather than scramble to fill the seat.  Sutker Moran assisted in interviewing W2 candidates. Once hired, Sutker Moran onboarded the new Controller, sharing the comprehensive instruction manual Sutker Moran created.

Case Study: Start-up’s CFO Suddenly left


With the departure of their CFO without any notice, this tech start-up, capitalized with over $35 million dollars, needed to act swiftly to shore up its financial management as well as provide comfort to its outside investors.


With absolutely zero transition time, Sutker Moran stepped in right away into the CFO role. Since all Sutker Moran employees are trained to efficiently and effectively onboard financial management positions, Sutker Moran did not “miss a beat” by closing and reporting financial statements within the allowed timeframe in the first month of the engagement.

Once established, Sutker Moran brought the financials to GAAP standard and assisted with year-end forecasting including never-performed balance sheet and cash flow projections. As now their permanent outsourced CFO, Sutker Moran assists with audits, tax studies, and financial reporting, as well as manages the accounting department.

Case Study: Rapid Growth Led to Instability


A private-equity backed rapidly expanding single-family home rental business needed to establish processes and procedures to fuel its growth. Employees worked remotely in various cities throughout the Midwest and were overworked. Receivables were not being adequately tracked resulting in financial statement misstatements and a lack of confidence in the accuracy of the information provided to the Board of Directors. The financial information provided to the CEO was meaningless.


The CEO was referred to Sutker Moran by an existing Sutker Moran client who he knew.

Once hired, Sutker Moran successfully converted the Company from cash-basis accounting to the accrual-basis and tackled the receivables issue. Sutker Moran secured collection of over $200 thousand in unreported receivables from the parent Company which were previously undetected. Weekly and monthly controls were established to ensure consistent tracking and collection of receivables.

While the Company was exponentially growing, Sutker Moran established consistent, timely procedures for monthly close and created a financial projection that guided management in hiring and purchasing decisions. New KPIs were established to arm the CEO with the information he needed when presenting to the Board of Directors providing all stakeholders the confidence in the financial information they were seeking. Once the company reached critical mass, the private equity firm brought in a W2 CFO. Sutker Moran helped transition to this individual.

Case Study: Stepping in to Ensure a Successful Transition

$40 million Plastic fabrication company


The Chief Financial Officer of a $40 million Plastic Fabrication Company resigned in the midst of its sale to a strategic buyer. The accounting staff and the president had limited knowledge of the inner workings of the financial department.


Sutker Moran was hired and immediately took over the position. Sutker instantly plugged itself into the Company’s cash situation to ensure vendors were being paid timely, especially critical given the impending ownership change. Simultaneously, Sutker began to finalize year-end financials which included developing a monthly close process for the accounting team. Sutker took the lead in navigating the due diligence period with the prospective buyer. Finally, Sutker seamlessly transitioned its responsibilities to the CFO of the buyer.

Case Study: A Revolving Door Leads to an Interim, then a Permanent Solution to Company’s Financial Management

$100 Million General Contractor


A $100 Million multi-entity Construction Company found themselves yet again in need of a Controller. Their current Controller, in the role for only four months, quit. This was their fourth head change in the seat in just two years. The financial statements were in disarray, complicated by a general ledger system upgrade that was in progress.


Referred in by a friendly competitor of the Company, Sutker Moran took over the CFO/Controller role providing full-coverage CFO/Controller services at significantly less cost than a W2 employee. Sutker simultaneously reconciled every balance sheet account while developing and implementing a formal monthly close process. Sutker then focused on the Company’s convoluted WIP projection process. Sutker Advisors, first, gained a thorough understanding of the existing process. Then, teamed with the Senior Management Team to reimagine a new formal process tailor-made for the Company’s operations. Armed with meaningful information, Sutker Moran, as the Company’s CFO/Controller, challenges project managers with cost issues and helps identify operational under-performance.

Case Study: Here Comes the Calvary!!

$100 million IT-based solutions provider


A highly successful $100 million IT-based solutions provider urgently needed an interim Controller after the permanent Controller and the Company suddenly parted ways. The Company was in the midst of discussions with various private equity groups regarding a partial sale, switching banks, an upcoming annual audit beginning, as well as an ERP conversion.


Referred by the Company’s lender, Sutker Moran was hired (or as the Company’s owner referred to Sutker as “The Calvary”) as the interim Controller to facilitate the audit as well as manage the accounting staff. Sutker, first, corrected the financial statements. Then, Sutker successfully managed the Company through the audit process. Impressed with Sutker’s responsiveness and quality of work, the Owner ended his search for a W2 employee and hired Sutker full-time. Sutker now provides full-coverage CFO/Controller services at significantly less cost than a W2 employee, that started with the bank transition, managing the ERP conversion, as well as performing all financial duties related to the partial sale.

Case Study: Two-Weeks turned into One-Week Notice

$30 million distributor to the Construction Industry

The Controller for a $30 million distributor gave her two-week notice. The following day the owner called his lender for advice. The Lender recommended Sutker Moran. That next day, he gave us a call to hear what we were all about. The following day, he called us back and asked if we can sit with the ongoing Controller to assess the position. We went there the next day, which was already Friday!

We are experts in financial management. So, we told the owner there was nothing out of the ordinary and quoted him a fee which was substantially less than the cost of his W2 employee.

Skeptical about our permanent outsourced model, he hired us as the temporary controller where we onboarded the position for the one week the outgoing Controller had remaining. Proving our model, we, now, are the permanent Controller providing timely and accurate financial statements, managing the staff, and addressing accounting issues as they arise.

Case Study: “Team Approach” Allows Company to Continue on Profitable Path

$7 million Maker of Home Décor Products

The CFO of a home décor company left soon after the Company’s controller retired, leaving a large void in the financial/accounting department. Sutker Moran took on a leadership role, quickly assessing and understanding the Company’s financial systems and operations. As a result, the accounting department continued without disruption. Sutker Moran generated timely and accurate financial statements and identified areas for profit enhancement. Showing its value, Sutker became the Company's permanent CFO/Controller.

Case Study: Finding a Lender Who Fits Better

$12 million Engineering Services Firm


An engineering-based, construction-related firm had a really bad year due to poor non-core investments and excess overhead as anticipated revenue did not materialize. On its own, the Company shed the investments and right-sized its operations to match its anticipated revenue. However, their lender, already adverse to construction-related companies, no longer wanted to bank them. Furthermore, their Controller resigned during this period.


Sutker took on the interim Controller tasks. Sutker also developed a comprehensive refinancing package that including a detailed financial analysis showing the Company’s path from an unprofitable year to its projected profitable year, as well as presented their upcoming working capital needs. Confident about the credibility of the Company’s plan, Sutker reached out to several lenders who were not averse to the construction industry as well as whose customer base and culture matched that of the Company.  Sutker negotiated the lending agreement with the new lender on behalf of the Company.

Case Study: Sutker’s Role Changes as Exponential Growth Continues

$40 million Façade Construction Company


Sutker became the outside CFO for a flourishing construction company, instilling processes and developing analysis that helped the owner and management team manage the Company’s growth. As the Company expanded vertically and horizontally, more financial management was needed.


Sutker sought and identified a full-time CFO and transitioned into a more business advisory position.

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