Organizational Assessment

Organizational AssessmentDoes your organization have the right people in the right places? Are each of your departments optimally staffed?

If not, it’s hurting your profitability every day. We’ve conducted hundreds of business assessments from the inside out. And while each company is unique, certain organizational best practices are universal. We have the expertise to integrate your company’s special characteristics with those of the most effective organizational structures, helping your company achieve its full potential.

Case Study: Competition Erodes Enviable Market Position

$75 million plumbing parts manufacturer


A third-generation, family-owned $75 million plumbing parts manufacturer had long enjoyed a commanding market share and steady profitability. When new competition forced the company to reduce margins, management was slow to react.


Through extensive interviews of all levels of management, we helped to assemble a less complacent, more cohesive hands-on management team. We then guided the new team to take action – consolidating departments, eliminating shifts, and discontinuing unprofitable product lines.

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