Executive Advisory

Running a middle-market company at a profit has never been more difficult. The number of issues, as well as the increasing complexity of these issues, can create an executive management challenge. In today’s fast-paced business environment, company leaders must make important strategic decisions with imperfect and/or incomplete information in order to continue to move their company forward.

Sutker Moran has worked with middle-market enterprises across a variety of product and service categories. As a team member as well as a trusted executive advisor, our unique inside/outside view gives us multiple perspectives on an owner’s business, which allows us to be a powerful choice as the company leader’s “hands-on” executive advisor.

We help business leaders answer mission-critical questions like:

  • Should we invest in a new market segment?
  • Should we convert to a new technology platform?
  • What is our exit strategy? When is the right time to sell the company, and at what valuation?
  • When is the right time to acquire a company? Or should we launch our own proprietary service?
  • What is the right decision when it comes to particular issues, whether they are related to personnel, customers, suppliers, compensation, ownership, banking, etc?

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