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Sutker Moran helps middle-market companies improve their profitability. Our clients come to us for an outside perspective as they work to resolve a critical business issue or seek to get to the next level. We possess the technical knowledge of a CFO, the diverse expertise of an outside consultant, and the results-driven orientation of your own management team.

We’re proud of the fact that our process consistently delivers measurable financial and operational results. It has earned us a stellar reputation in the Chicago business community. However, our best reward comes from our clients when they recognize our value and embrace us as part of their team.

Are you continually missing revenue and profit projections? Would access to an extra boost of financial expertise improve your business performance, whether temporary or on a more permanent basis? Would more organized financial processes and timely reporting give you a better picture of how your business is doing?

We are ready to help.

What Our Clients Say...

"To have someone like Sutker Moran around in a growing business like we have— I'm trying to deal with customer emergencies, vendor relationships, process improvement, I mean we're operating a large business in distribution, so we're shipping out goods every day. We're receiving goods every day. And just to have someone that we could trust that's managing our financials, that took a ton of weight off my shoulders and meant a lot to the success of our business."

Owner, $120 million Distribution Company

"My then CFO walked into my office and unceremoniously told me he was leaving the company. I said, “Okay. When are you leaving?” He goes, “Today.” Within two days (Sutker Moran) was on site. They literally came on and meshed immediately with that team with subtle leadership, I'd call it. Every time that they're in my office I hear the cavalry bugle charge in my head because they really were the cavalry."

Owner, $100 million Value-Added Service Provider

"And like most companies, we feel like we're really unique to the market and there's no way they're going to be able to understand what we do and be able to understand our staff. I was wrong.  It's not just about finance. It could be a staff‑related issue. It could be a partner‑related issue. It could be a client‑related issue. We're going to get good input."

Owner, $15 million Marketing Firm

"It was very affordable to make that transition to outsource that position. Sutker Moran has also helped us with pricing, personnel, relationships with the bank, relationships with our tax accountants, and a variety of other activities that have really helped us through these years. Having Sutker Moran available to us is actually better than a W‑2 employee."

Owner, $15 million Engineering/Manufacturing Company

"I never needed a CFO. Never saw the value. When I went to the bank for a loan, they saw things differently. I ended up hiring Sutker Moran to put together a financial plan so I could get a line of credit for my growing business and they never left. They continue to be a valuable and affordable cost of my business."

International Cell Phone Distributor

"I’ll never forget the first time I met Sutker. At this meeting, I deeply questioned the viability of our business model. Sutker said let’s prove or disprove that theory. Then, they took my team and me through an exhaustive exercise where we scrutinized every aspect of our business. The net result was a leaner, more focused business model with a newly-created cohesive management team to implement our profit initiatives. We have now attained a level of profitability and success unfathomable just a short time ago."

Online Wholesaler

“I made a complicated transaction that my bank couldn’t understand. After working with two consulting firms that did nothing, I found Sutker who “put their heads down” and quickly dissected the transaction and presented it to my bank. I was so impressed with Sutker that I hired them as my interim CFO as I rapidly grew from a small, local firm to a national, vertically-integrated company. When I reached the level that required a full-time CFO, Sutker was integral in finding me a highly-skilled financial person whose personality melded well with my organization. Sutker is now a trusted advisor to me and my company.”

Construction-related Firm

“Sutker Moran was able to quickly assess my business issues, helped me make some tough and sensitive organizational decisions, as well as developed analysis that helped my team and me clearly evaluate the profitability of our various customers and services.”

Provider of Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy

“We were outgrowing our lender. We definitely had a story to tell and we weren’t sure out of the myriad banks who fit us best. We picked Sutker Moran to help us because of their vast knowledge of the lending community and general business expertise. Sutker presented our story in “banking language” to a handful of excellent lenders and, after we received proposal letters from all of them, Sutker Advisors diligently negotiated a bank deal on our behalf. Sutker remains with our company as its business advisor.”

Snow Plow Contractor/Manufacturer

“I felt I wasn’t getting enough out of my controller and I was paying him a six-figure salary. I now get high-level financial expertise and business advice from Sutker Moran at half the cost. I was so enthused by the success of outsourcing my CFO/Controller duties, I engaged Sutker Advisors to take on the AP/AR function. I again was pleased to receive high-quality service at half the cost of this position.”

Designer/Distributor of Branded Women’s Jeans

“My controller left with not much notice and I was in the middle of my slow season. Sutker Moran stepped right in —  managed my cash flow, instilled accounting processes, and helped me improve my company’s profitability…..and remain my outside CFO and advisor to this day."

Distributor of Home Decor Products

“Sutker is a trusted member of our management team. While we know the plumbing industry, their versatility and external perspective provides me with an asset I see as invaluable.”

Wholesaler/Distributor of Plumbing Supplies

“Sutker Moran gave me tools that helped me better manage my department as well as acted as my sounding board when I have questions.”

Landscape Architects & Contractors

“I trust them. Sutker Moran were by my side when I met with my bank and provided guidance to me when major issues arose”

Landscape Architects & Contractors

“Sutker’s comprehensive operating planning process and resulting action list helped me focus my team on what matters most.”

International Manufacturer of Floor Matting Solutions

“Sutker helped me scrutinize my revenue base which enlightened me on the profitability of certain segments of my business. With this information and their help, we made strategic moves that improved my profitability.”

President & CEO
Manufacturer of high technology circuit boards

“Sutker brought clarity to customer and product line profitability, while they streamlined my operations.”

Distributor of Packaging Material

“I didn’t have a strong financial department and that got me into trouble. Sutker helped me identify and implement profit initiatives including helping me sell off a non-strategic division. After working to clean up my books, he found me a capable financial manager who has been with me ever since.”

Chief Executive Officer
National Facilities Management Company

"When our bank called our loan we called in Sutker to help. In a classic example of a Harvard textbook turnaround they completely transformed our company into a viable profitable company again and convinced the bank to give us a new loan. Because of Sutker our company ended up more profitable than ever."

Chief Executive Officer
Distributor of Lawn and Garden Products

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